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The Corotop brand was created with modern solutions ensuring durability for many years in mind.

We are the producer of durable roof and facade membranes and vapour barriers made with the highest accuracy. We meet the highest standards, which is confirmed by numerous certificates. The production of our membranes is a technologically advanced process, starting from pure raw material to the final product that goes to the roofs.

We guarantee the quality that we coordinate from the very beginning in our production plant, carefully examining each of the key parameters in our laboratory, in all batches of material and function film. Only after detailed verification, the products reach your hands.

The reliability of our products is confirmed by the trust and appreciation of customers, mainly roofers, who have been using the Corotop brand offer on thousands of roofs for years.


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The Rednet brand is a range of high-quality products made of glass fiber, distributed throughout Europe for over 20 years.


SECCO is a specialised range of products intended for construction works: renovation and finishing.


Miło nam ogłosić, że od 01.09.2023 funkcjonujemy jako Corotop Spółka Akcyjna.

Wszystkie informacje znajdziecie Państwo na naszej nowej, oficjalnej stronie: www.corotop.com.pl

28 lat jako CB S.A., przed nami wiele kolejnych jako Corotop S.A.