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Our mission is to create high-quality products and build excellent relations.

During almost 27 years of operation, we have built business relationships with a group of over 1,500 regular customers.

Our products reach the market through specialised distribution companies, wholesalers and building depots, as well as chains of DIY stores. What is more, we supply manufacturers of construction chemicals, roof systems and insulation materials with products complementing the systems they offer (the so-called “private label”).

We provide services for the following industries: roofing, thermal insulation systems, drywall and tiling. The company’s annual revenues exceed EUR 50 million and are generated by over 250 employees.

In order to achieve success, we are committed to being proactive, we value teamwork and quality at all times. We know that managing these elements brings benefits to our customers, partners and the environment every day.


team work


Nature Happens Concept

The Nature Happens concept consists of four elements that correlate with our daily work.
Fire, Earth, Water, Air.

FIRE – always allows us to set ambitious goals for ourselves and not to forget about our values: proactivity, commitment, teamwork and professionalisation of our activities. It is our strength for constant changes and development.

EARTH – thanks to this element, we are able to materialise our plans, strategies and make our business effective. Persistently improve the quality of our products.

WATER – as the quintessence of emotions, feelings and relationships. For 25 years we have been creating a harmonious and very integrated team, which in turn translates into similar, close relationships with customers from all over the world.

 AIR – which embodies the intellect and supports our imagination. There is nothing more beautiful than living and working lightly, as then everything goes our way. Creativity strengthens business and makes everything meaningful.

CO2 reduction

ECO attitude among employees

Healthy habits

Work – Life Balance

Acting in accordance with the requirements set forth in Art. 32c item. 2 of the Atomic Law of November 29, 2000 (consolidated text OJ 2021, item 1941 as amended OJ 2023, item 1173).
We would like to inform you that in the last 12 months there has been no impact of the conducted activities on human health and the environment, and that there have been no releases of radioactive substances into the environment in connection with the conducted activities.

The company was founded in 1995 by the Górski brothers.

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